Are you telling your professional story with energy, passion and results?

Most of us have never had the opportunity to create a professional story about ourselves that we really like. A story that truly represents who we are and clarifies where we want to go.

In today’s competitive job market, the ability to tell an authentic, engaging and confident story about yourself can be the driver for an exciting and transformative career change. And telling that story consistently in your resume, online and in person—and most importantly, telling a story that others will then share on your behalf—can accelerate your move into that next role.

If you are post-college and just starting out, mid-career and looking for a new job, or a professional transitioning to a different career path entirely, this might be a perfect moment for you to find your voice, tell your story and land that new role with energy and purpose.

What They’re Saying

“Before meeting Rob, I was chasing all kinds of jobs. So my biggest success in working with Rob was his help identifying the components of a role that fit me best. If I hadn’t done that critical soul-searching and career-defining work with Rob, I could be in a miserable job today.” —Brian, Senior Project Manager/ScrumMaster, Concur
“Rob is friendly, personable and very easy to talk with. He’s also got an impressive professional resume. When you spend time with him, you’re just grateful that he knows exactly what he’s doing.” —Peter, Owner and Principal, LPC Northwest, LLC
“Rob personally and professionally cares about the quality of his work. Most of all, I knew he cared about me as a person. If I could recommend Rob to the entire world, I’d do it.” —Adriana, Client Service Manager, Washington Trust Bank

Why RSU Consulting?

Rob S. Uy, Principal of RSU Consulting, is a sought-after career coach who quickly and effectively establishes productive relationships built on mutual trust and respect. As a result, his clients experience an immediate boost in their personal and professional confidence, career direction and marketability. Rob draws on nearly 20 years of human resources leadership for Fortune 500 global technology and services firms and as a coach, trainer and consultant for individuals and companies across all vertical industries. Rob has developed a highly personalized method for working with professionals at all levels. He inspires them to ‘find their voice’, tell their story effectively, and experience a genuine and revitalized perspective on who they are and where they want to go.

Find yourself below, contact Rob, and launch a fresh new journey.